👉🏻 During each round #1 Winners in the 3 categories opt to agree for a MEETING from the list below to be SPONSORED with $3000 for next edition. (learn more below)

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Luca Chiarabini

Photo Contest

Worldwide Edition
(Free participation)



👉🏻 During each ROUND, #1 Winners opt to vote for a MEETING from the list below to be SPONSORED with up to $3000 for next edition. (learn more below)




During each round 1 or 2 Winners in each category will be elected by a Jury (categories: 1.CAVING, 2. CANYONING, 3. VIDEOS).
These winners will be asked to vote for a MEETING in the list below of “MEETINGS OPTING TO SPONSORSHIP”
IF a CONSENSUS IS REACHED among all to choose one of the meetings on the list
THEN the MEETING organization will be offered to receive a $3000 sponsorship from Luca Memorial to organize the next meeting (see MEETING sponsorship requirements as well Full Rules)
If NO CONSENSUS IS REACHED among all winners to choose one of the meetings on the list, then  Luca Memorial at its own criteria will choose one CAVING and one CANYONING among the ones voted by the winners, and offer a sponsorship of $1500 to each of them.
When a given MEETING has been elected to receive up to 3000$ sponsorship for its next edition, can not be elected again till after the MEETING has taken place.


⚠️ To opt for sponsorship Meetings/Events must be:
a) official and public
B) expecting >70 participants, from at least 3 countries
c) duration of 3 or more full days
👉🏻 Meeting must appear on MEETINGS OPTING TO SPONSORSHIP  list to opt for sponsorship. Luca Memorial will approve or reject received application at its sole discretion. 
👉🏻 Sponsorship will be executed by payment of invoices regarding organization of the meeting.
👉🏻 It will be requested optionally that winners that have voted for the MEETING and facilitating its sponsorship, will have a discount of 50% on registration fee if they decide to attend meeting. 
👉🏻 Luca memorial shall be included in equal conditions  in the sponsors list of the meeting.
👉🏻 Luca memorial can propose at its own discretion Meeting to host a local edition (extra round) of Luca Memorial Photo Contest for present or next edition of the sponsored meeting.


If you are a meeting organizer, you can submit your meeting to be included in the list to opt to be voted to receive the $3000 /$1500 sponsorship. 

⚠️ To opt for sponsorship Meetings/Events must be official, public, expecting >70 participants, and duration 3 or more full days.  



Meetings elected to be sponsored with 1500USD will show a 💛

"Encuentro Nacional de Canyoning 2021 - EL TAMBO (CAUCA)"

Planned: Oct 2021, 4 days, 60 expected participants.
Last edition: Sept 2019.

WHY SHOULD BE SPONSORED: Canyoning is under development in Colombia, and it is the base of many small tourism companies that we are adding with a lot of effort in the development of this activity and others, our last edition as an Association coincided with the RIC 2019 from Medellín, our event is extrapolated to international ones as well as the Ibagué 2017 where Luca attended with other internationals

<b><span style="color:yellow">CAVING </span>ITALY</b><br>"Speleo Kamaraton - marina di Camerota (Salerno)"<br><b>Organizer: Tetide APS</b>

"Speleo Kamaraton - marina di Camerota (Salerno)"
Organizer: Tetide APS

Planned: 29 Oct 2021, 4 days, 1,000 expected participants.
Last edition: X

WHY SHOULD BE SPONSORED: Speleo Kamaraton one of the International Year of Caves and Karst events, will be the next edition of the International Speleology Meeting which is organized every year in a region of Italy. The international speleology meeting is not only an opportunity for sharing between speleologists but an opportunity to give visibility to the host territory through an environmental, cultural and food and wine enhancement. Speleo Kamaraton will focus on "Speleologies of the Mediterranean" in order to stimulate a common speleological awareness and strengthen the links between speleological groups, research organizations and different local administrations. The Speleo Kamaraton International Meeting will be an important opportunity for review different techniques of exploration, study and protection of the underground world and the karst environments; moreover, it will also be an opportunity to enhance the relationships that Mediterranean cultures have established over the centuries with natural and anthropic caves, both for residential use and as a place of worship, without excluding the most modern exploitation of the caves as tourist resources

<b><span style="color:yellow">CANYONING </span>PORTUGAL</b><br>"Meeting Canyoning Madeira , Madeira island - Portugal"<br><b>Organizer: Duarte Silva</b>

"Meeting Canyoning Madeira , Madeira island - Portugal"
Organizer: Duarte Silva

Planned: 11 Oct 2021, 6 days, 100 expected participants.
Last edition: 07 June 2019,

WHY SHOULD BE SPONSORED: The Meeting Canyoning Madeira, having as its main objective, to be one of the strategic pillars of development and sustainability of active tourism in RAM (Autonomous Region of Madeira), has as specific and concrete objectives:
• Internationally affirm the touristic niche of active nature-oriented tourism in RAM;
• Boosting all the natural, landscape, cultural and environmental heritage associated with a territorial tourism marketing strategy, namely in the Municipalities of RAM, in particular in the North of Madeira, and International Partner Institutions of nature;
• Contribute, in the long term, to the affirmation of Madeira as an “International Center for Nature Activities” as well as sporting, recreational and cultural activities;
• Reinforce synergies with tourist niches, namely rural and residential tourism, and foster an entire interconnection strategy with culture, with the heritage preservation of regional traditions, residential tourism;
• Structuring an entire annual program and calendar that articulates the “International Events" of the different modalities associated with nature (Canyoning, sailing, surfing, ultra-trail, orienteering…) oriented towards a professional segment or merely recreational aimed at families as well as the leisure tourism;
• Raise awareness of the cooperation of countries/regions in favor of "Projects - Cause", which encourage the preservation of "Nature - Laurissilva and Planet", studies in favor of nature, as well as the stimulus to the development of small infrastructures that increase the advantages comparisons of the Tourist Destination, in view of the outlined objectives.

<b><span style="color:yellow">CAVING </span>SPAIN</b><br>"III Congreso Espeleopirineos (Boltaña - Huesca)"<br><b>Organizer: EspeleoCAS</b>

"III Congreso Espeleopirineos (Boltaña - Huesca)"
Organizer: EspeleoCAS

Planned: 01 October 2021, 3 days, 190 expected participants.
Last edition: 05 October 2018.

WHY SHOULD BE SPONSORED: The Espeleopirineos Congress is the only one of these characteristics in Spain (Exploration Cave Meeting). This year is dedicated to women caving.
Presentations, Photographic exhibition, Exhibitors, Workshops, photography contest and speleological games
Congress Palace of (Boltaña - Huesca)


"Campamento Internacinal Garma Ciega - Ramales de la victoria (Cantabria)"
Organizer: Fundación Espeleosocorro Cántabro - ESOCAN

Planned: Jul 2021, 15 days, 100 expected participants.
Last edition: X.

WHY SHOULD BE SPONSORED: Speleology in large verticals that are not comprehensive crossings has ceased to be practiced as it requires logistical capabilities that clubs and federations either do not have or are not interested in. Putting facilities of this type in common with people of different origins will enrich locals, as well as visitors.

Organizer: El Vagante Canyoning

Planned: 2021/2022, 5 days, 120 expected participants.
Last edition: Sep2019.

WHY SHOULD BE SPONSORED: Our meeting is the second edition of a meeting that makes known the benefits of our country and our El Coroico region.

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