About Luca Chiarabini

Luca Chiarabini was a good friend to so many people. Charismatic, nature enthusiast, always ready to help. His business card stated: ‘Active, Adventurous, Italian’ … and he was indeed!

Luca was born in 1970 together with his twin brother near the Como Lake (Italy) and enjoyed is youth in Barcelona (Spain) where he graduated as IT Engineer. While working for Hewlett-Packard he moved with his wife and daughter to San Diego where he discovered his greatest passions: Caving & Canyoneering.
Luca made countless expeditions all over the world, becoming the biggest contributor to Ropewiki and member of the San Bernardino Cave Rescue Team.
Luca drowned in August 2017 while crossing the South Fork of Kings River in California.
At the location of the accident a planted sequoia in his honor and a memorial plaque will remember Luca to all of us.

Who we are

Luca Chiarabini Memorial has the mission of participating, promoting and encouraging the sporting activities of Caving and Canyoning of which Luca has always been an enthusiastic interpreter and prominent member in the respective community.
The main task of Luca Memorial is currently the promotion of the Luca Memorial Photo Contest. Read about our 🔥Concept🔥.

What we do

The Photo🏆Contest dedicated to the memory of Luca aims to promote and stimulate the same active spirit, adventurous life and the same photographic sharing that were Luca’s passions during his life, which led him to collect and share a library of more than 100,000 photos and videos of all his trips and adventures in canyoning and caving, now published in his personal living memorial web page.


We invite all participants in Luca Memorial Photo Contests to immortalize the natural beauty of the hosting regions, the adventure of canyoning, friendship, and shared joy; main principles and values that defined Luca.


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Associazione Luca Chiarabini Memorial (LCM)
via Nassa 15, 6900, Lugano, Switzerland

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