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Announcements concluded 23 February 2024:

FINALE 2023 'within the ‘Luca Memorial Contest 2023’.

In the GRAND FINALE, all Finalists photos of each of the three Rounds of 2023 will be evaluated by …
An extended Jury will score the Finalist electing:
🙌🏻' PHOTO of YEAR', awarded with $3'000 USD for #1 ranked Photo
In January 2023 an internal team of the worldwide known brands Korda's, Seland, Bestard Boots & Outex will pick by their own criteria which are the BEST PHOTOS among the resulting Finalist photos in Luca Memorial Contest FINALE 2023.
For each brand, the one winner photo will be rewarded with a pack consisting of its best products*.
🏆'KORDA'S Award 2023' pack of Caving & Canyoning ropes:
🔹DANA 10 Canyoning 50m (208EUR)
Semistatic rope type A: excelent durability & the Stability system
🔹IRIS 9 Canyoning 50m (186EUR)
Semistatic rope type B: with Summum system,offering maximum safety to rope users
🔹FINA 8,5 Caving 100m (241EUR)
A light rope certified as Type A: with Titan system,offering more safety in case of damage
💵 pack valued at approx. 685 USD
ℹ️ More info here: Korda's Brand Award
🏆'SELAND Award 2023', Double-lined canyoning steamer with hood, two-pieces 5/4mm neoprene couple suit pack:
🔹GORBEA (man/kid, 225EUR)
🔹RONDA (lady, 225EUR)
💵 pack valued at aprox.485USD
ℹ️ More info here: Seland Brand Award
🏆‘BESTARD Award 2023’ pack of boots for swift water activities:
🔹CANYON GUIDE high-cut (218EUR)
🔹WILDWATER PRO mid-cut (209EUR)
💵 pack valued at aprox.460USD
ℹ️ More info here: Bestard Brand Award
🏆‘OUTEX Award 2023’:
🔹the Pro Kit! Underwater camera housing for professional photographers.
💵 valued at 455USD
ℹ️ More info here: Outex Brand Award
(*duties for delivery outside the EU to be covered by winners)

🗓️The winners will be announced starting 19th February 2024.
February 2024

PHOTO of the YEAR 2023 award 'within the ‘Luca Memorial Contest 2023’.

Luca Memorial has received almost 📷6000 photos during 2023!!
🙏🏻🙏🏻 Thanks to all participants, from the heart.
We are honored to have had so many people sharing their amazing captured moments through our Photo Contest.
🙌🏻 We help promoting the passion for #CAVING & #CANYONING, featuring on our social networks:
🔥 over 630 of the submitted photos.
💥 and we started featuring REELS too during 2023.
We wish we could have featured all of them.
Out of the 6000 photos, 110 have ended up being Finalists and opting to be awarded '🏆PHOTO of the YEAR 2023', evaluated by the FINALE⚖️JURY.
👉🏻 We asked all juries to evaluate the submitted photos according to a mix of their own personal criteria about beauty, technicality, creativity, impact, and innovation. Focusing strictly on the scene and not the authors or locations (if known to them).
🏅 TOP 5 BEST 📷 opting to be the one @lucamemorial.contest PHOTO of the YEAR 2023 (in ascending photo Nº):
Nº01026 Álvaro Herrero López-Beltrán (SPAIN)
Nº01368 Carolina Wells (MEXICO)
Nº03390 Ken-Ya Taira (JAPAN)
Nº04981 Romain Venot (FRANCE)
Nº05240 Alexandre Lobo (BRAZIL)

23 February 2024


TO BE ANNOUNCED 23 February 2024
16:00 Paris Time

until 20th September

PHOTO of the YEAR 2023 award 'within the ‘Luca Memorial Contest 2023’.

💥The @LucaMemorial.Contest ✨'PHOTO of the YEAR 2023'✨ award goes to:
Nº01026 🏆 Álvaro Herrero López-Beltrán (SPAIN)
✨This image has captured the attention&vote of 9⚖️ members of the FINALE JURY, summing 41⭐ points;
therefore resulting #1WINNER in the FINALE 2023 Ranking.
Additionally, this photo was already elected '#1BEST Caving 📷' during Round January-April 2023.
👏🏻👏🏻Congratulations Álvaro for your amazing achievement!!
👏🏻 Nº04981 Romain Venot (FRANCE)
Just a minimal fraction behind. Capturing the attention&vote of 9⚖️ members of the JURY, summing 37⭐ points;
If just one more member of the jury had voted for it, it would have been crowned the annual winner instead.
Congratulations Romain on almost becoming the winner of the year!

👏🏻Nº01368 Carolina Wells (MEXICO)
Capturing the attention&vote of 8⚖️ members of the JURY, summing 37⭐ points;
Additionally, this photo was already picked OUTEX 'BEST 📷' during Round January-April 2023, and awarded with an OUTEX Phone Pro Kit!
Congratulations Carolina on making it this far!
👏🏻 Nº05240 Alexandre Lobo (BRAZIL)
Completely tied in votes with the previous one. Capturing the attention&vote of 8⚖️ members of the FINALE JURY, summing 37⭐ points;
Congratulations Alexandre on making it this far!
👏🏻 Nº03390 Ken-Ya Taira (JAPAN)
Capturing the attention&vote of 8⚖️ members of the FINALE JURY, summing 33⭐ points;
Additionally, this photo was already elected '#1BEST AMATEUR Caving 📷' during Round May-August 2023.
And it has been repeatedly nominated TOP5 in BRAND AWARDS 2023: by @selandwetsuits,@bestardboots & @realoutex.
Definitively a very eye catching amazing photo.
Congratulations Ken-Ya for your achievements!
👏🏻From @LucaMemorial.Contest we wish to congratulate ALL participants.You all deserved to win with your amazing photos shared through our contest.
We encourage you to keep sharing your amazing moments&stunning places in Luca Memorial Contest 🔥2024!!
🏆 JOIN THE 2024 CONTEST! You too can submit your 📷!
Open worldwide, participation is free.

23 February 2024

Product packs given by each Brand:


Nominations and Winners:

🏆PHOTO of the YEAR’ winner, elected by the JURY of the FINALE 2022:

🏆Brand Awards 2022 Winners, elected by own teams of KORDA’s, SELAND, OUTEX, BESTARD.

YOUTUBE video with subtitles in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Portuguese, Russian &  Spanish. 

More info and details about the BRAND AWARDS 2021 clicking on the image above.

More info and details about the BRAND AWARDS 2021 clickingon the icon above:

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