Round October - December 2020

<u><i>John<br>ALDANA<br></u></i>COLOMBIA <img src="https://www.countryflags.io/co/shiny/32.png">


Editor Canyoning Colombia Magazine

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<u><i>Diego L.<br>GONZALÉZ.<br></u></i>COLOMBIA <img src="https://www.countryflags.io/co/shiny/32.png">

Diego L.

Survival Consultant for Discovery Channel

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<u><i>Manuel<br>IBAÑEZ<br></u></i>SPAIN <img src="https://www.countryflags.io/es/shiny/32.png">


Professional Photography Store Owner

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<u><i>Frank<br>JUNOD<br></u></i>FRANCE <img src="https://www.countryflags.io/fr/shiny/32.png">


UIAGM (international mountain guide)

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<u><i>Paolo<br>MALTINTI<br></u></i>ITALY 🇮🇹


Freelance in media, web & "Net" business.

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<u><i>Pietro<br>TORELLINI<br></u></i>ITALY <img src="https://www.countryflags.io/it/shiny/32.png">


Automotive Aftermarket Consultant

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<u><i>Norbert<br>FISCHER<br></u></i>GERMANY 🇩🇪


Library Manager DCV (German Canyoning Association)

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<u><i>Pierre<br>HUMBLET<br></u></i>BELGIUM 🇧🇪


President of Court of Union Internationale des associations d’Alpinisme (UIAA)

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President Nepal Canyoning Association

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<u><i>Francesco<br>MICHELACCI<br></u></i>ITALY 🇮🇹


Canyoning Instructor and Professional Photographer

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<u><i>Cristian<br>SÁEZ<br></u></i>CHILE 🇨🇱


President of the Chilean Canyoning Association ACHCAN

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<u><i>Enrique<br>SALAZAR<br></u></i>COSTA RICA 🇨🇷


Founder Pure Canyoning Costa Rica

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JOHN ALDANA  (Colombia, 40 years)

JOHN ALDANA (Colombia, 40 years)

Hello, I am John Aldana, canyoneer, explorer and adventurer for 15 years, I am currently working in the development of the adventure tourism sector in Colombia, identifying and developing products that contribute to the economic development of local communities.

I am editor and main photographer of the Canyoning Colombia magazine, co-founder and executive director of the National Canyoning Association “Colombian Canyons”, I am a lover of nature and especially of adventure activities, which has led me to explore my country and discover its hidden treasures.

MANUEL IBAÑEZ  (Spain, 54 years)

MANUEL IBAÑEZ (Spain, 54 years)

Since 1984 I have dedicated myself exclusively to computing, I started out as a management application developer and evolved over the years towards the trade in computing and office automation products. Currently I am the owner of a store in Sanlucar that offers all kinds of services and accessories including photography and lighting products.

I practice sports regularly, and for more than a decade caving and canyoning where my curiosity for the world of underground photography started.

FRANK JUNOD  (France, 50 years)

FRANK JUNOD (France, 50 years)

I started adventure sports at about 18 years old, and I have never stopped since. My favorite discipline is running, and quickly I directed towards the mountains and more particularly mountaineering, climbing and canyoning. I am since, become a high mountain guide, canyon guide and climbing instructor in a natural environment. I have participated and organized expeditions worldwide in the mountains, canyoning, kayaking and Nordic skiing. I also worked for 20 years in mountain rescue and more particularly in Chamonix. All these experiences make me an expert in adventure sports and in rescue organization and training.
I am a mountain guide, climbing instructor and canyoneering guide. UIAGM (international mountain guide), French mountain rescuer. I am experienced in kayak, trail running, mountaineering, canyoneering, Nordic skiing. I am a hobby photographer, I have just renovated an old farm, and I like wine, good food and music.

NORBERT FISCHER  (Germany, 52 years)

NORBERT FISCHER (Germany, 52 years)

I am 52 years old and I have been canyoning since 1992. My first canyons were in Sierra de Guara. It was a 1 week vacation trip. I am impressed by the canyons with its many forms and tranquility. Besides canyoning I still like to go to the mountains and stay overnight in huts. Since 2010 I am a member of the German Canyoning Association (DCV). There I am in charge of the library of the DCV with more than 650 books about canyoning. I have also been to international meetings in Madeira, Ticino, Italy. Unfortunately I live 400km away from the mountains so I can't do this sport that often.

PIERRE HUMBLET  (Belgium, 75 years)

PIERRE HUMBLET (Belgium, 75 years)

Currently President of Court of Union Internationale des associations d’Alpinisme (UIAA) Court.
Former president of UIAA, International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation,
Former president of UIAA Mountaineering Commission.

Attorney at Law: Lebeau et Humblet SRL CEO, a law firm at Liège, Belgium.
Board of Director’s member with Eagle International, a US network of lawyers specialized in insurance and liability
Arbitrator with the Belgian Court for Arbitration in Sports.

Photography lover.
Collector of Belgian paintings (specialized 1850- 2000).

RAJENDRA LAMA  (Nepal, 40 years)

RAJENDRA LAMA (Nepal, 40 years)

Founder Director of Friends Adventure Team Pvt. Ltd. and President of NCA (Nepal Canyoning Association). As general Member of Nepal Mountaineering Association I gathered an experience of 18 years in organizing and managing trekking, mountaineering and canyoning in Nepal. Winner of 6th nature and wildlife photography competition 2010 in Landscape category (Wildlife Conservation Nepal). Awarded in 2008 with "Note of thanks" by NCA, for my team rescue and saving the life of a 3 year old girl who slipped a gorge in Pokhara.

I am a travel and photography fanatic. I have been actively participating in social services of the needy people in Nepal, specially the victims of devastating earthquake of 2015.

DIEGO L. GONZALÉZ  (Colombia, 54 years)

DIEGO L. GONZALÉZ (Colombia, 54 years)

Instructor SIWA (Survival Instructors World Association)
Instructor CONFESUR (South American Confederation of Survival and Preparation)
Survival Consultant for Discovery Channel (Naked and Afraid - Dual Survivor)
Speleocol Member (Colombian Speleological Association)
Member FEDEC (Federation of Eco parks, Ecotourism and Nature Tourism)
Auditor and Implementer in Management Systems for Adventure Tourism and Sustainability

PAOLO MALTINTI  (Italy, 55 years)

PAOLO MALTINTI (Italy, 55 years)

WASE Sub Instructor and PADI Underwater Digital Photography Instructor.
I am currently the only one who has made the entire Bodengo (Como Lake, Italy) route with scuba equipment, searching all the pools. I have participated in numerous underwater and non-underwater photography exhibitions.
Currently Vice President of Golden Players and General Manager of Golden Players Italia, associations of Over 50 basketball players.

ALEJANDRO MENENDEZ  (Spain,  43 years)

ALEJANDRO MENENDEZ (Spain, 43 years)

I was trained in the Military Mountain School, I am an athlete specialized in canyoning and caving with more than 20 years of experience.
I am federated in the Madrilenian Federation of Speleology, belonging to the E50 speleology club, and a member of the ECDC club of Portugal, collaborating with the Rodcle equipment and Korda’s brand.
I am an amateur photographer specialized in canyoning and caving photography.
Very excited to participate in some way in this event, I met Luca In madeira in 2011, I had the pleasure of attending several international events, always with his smile.



More than 20 years in canyoning.
I have descended more than 600 gorges, some more than 20 times, others just once.
I placed 100 anchors and drowned three cameras, but it was worth it.

I have a background as a sports paratrooper, paraglider and in the piloting of light airplanes.

I started photographing sports in 1982 and going to the mountains in 1986. First with ski mountaineering and via ferrata, then climbing and finally since 1998 with the great passion of my life, canyoning.

Today, in addition to taking photographs, I live by managing my adventure park and doing other work at height on roofs, rock faces and trees.

CRISTIAN SÁEZ (Chile, 36 years).

CRISTIAN SÁEZ (Chile, 36 years).

President of Chilean Canyoning Association (ACHCAN). Initiated in mountain sports since I was 16 years old (2001).

Fan of canyoning sport since 2007, professional Canyoning Guide since 2011.

Since 2015 dedicated to the exploration and opening of new ravines in the Biobio Region, with a total of 15 canyon openings in the area, accompanied and motivated in by Eduardo Gomez.

My biggest hobby is scouting areas with digital tools to prepare future openings, as well as carving wood, creating articles related to nature and mountain sports. All this mixed with the most important leading in life, my 2 daughters and future clan explorers.

As for photography, I develop it as a hobby, and always in search of the best possible angle, but with an approach more focused on nature that surrounds the canyons rather than the canyoneers themselves.

ENRIQUE SALAZAR  (Costa Rica, 41 years)

ENRIQUE SALAZAR (Costa Rica, 41 years)

I am an active canyoneer in my country, owner and founder of Pure Canyoning Costa Rica, a leading canyoning company. Active Member ICAN Costa Rica. Currently dedicated to the training of guides and passionate about canyoning, offering courses, workshops and bringing masters for certifications to my country.
I have been a photographer for 20 years.

PIETRO TORELLINI (Italy, 68 years).

PIETRO TORELLINI (Italy, 68 years).

Photographer since 1972. I have been practicing Canyoning for 25 years and, in search of high quality shots with my reflex camera, I went down in over 130 canyons.
For many years Official photographer of the Italian Canyoning Association, I collaborated with specialized magazines and contributed to several books on the subject.
I love any photographic genre, but photography in the canyons has given me the greatest satisfaction.