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⏩ DIRECTLY submit your INSTAGRAM PHOTOS to Luca Memorial 2024 Photo Contest Gallery https://Gallery.LucaMemorial.Org.

Add a mention + a hashtag IN THE TEXT of an already existing post (or a new one), ... and submission is done!
>>>> 🕳️CAVING photos, write IN THE TEXT:
>>>> 🏔️CANYONING photos, , write IN THE TEXT:
>>>>🎞️REELS , write IN THE TEXT:
. 👌🏻🆗 When imported successfully into the 2024 Contest, your post will receive within 24h a 'receipt comment' : "Your photo is welcomed in the Luca Memorial contest, Round …2024 : https://..." The indicated link is your photo in the Gallery. If you wish, you can use share the link to ask for votes. Most AMAZING & VOTED photos are showcased daily on our social accounts.
❓/❌ If your post does not receive the 'receipt comment' in 48h, please recheck it or DM us at @lucamemorial.contest
🔎 From time to time we will run error catch ups (mostly at end of month). If you make any typing mistake or use a wrong hashtag, we might still manage to import your photo and send you the 'receipt comment'
>> If you have a PRIVATE Instagram account, you can only submit photos UPLOADing them as files at http://Submit.LucaMemorial.Org.
>> Import is done once every 60 minutes. The mention + hashtag must stay at least 60 consecutive minutes written in the post text.
>> If you forget to add the MENTION in the text, we will still manage to import your photo during the error catchups, but your name will not appear in the gallery (sorry, these are Instagram rules).

⏩ REGISTRATION still is needed

Sending photos by the direct SUBMIT from Instagram is easy and fast, however you still need to register to the contest (once a year) providing a contact email, accepting the rules etc.

To register go to
And use one of the option below:

" Register for '⏩DIRECT from INSTAGRAM' "
> This option will require you to type your Instagram hash (user account abbreviation). It is only valid for direct submissions with mention + hashtag from within Instagram

"Register with Instagram"
> This option will log you in with your Instagram account, you will also be able to select any photo from your Instagram feed and submit it at any time to the contest.


If you prefer not to modify your publication or if your Instagram account is PRIVATE, you can send your photos through the menu at:


In this link you have the explanation about each menu item:

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