Contest 🔥 Concept

Luca loved to…
  • initiate the passion in others for caving and canyoning.
  • enjoy sports and parties with his friends from all around the world.
  • explore hidden amazing places never descended before, and share his discoveries.
  • take photos of all his great moments and trips, and show them to the world.
Luca Memorial has the mission to promote and encourage this values in CAVING and CANYONING. Luca Memorial Photo Contest Worldwide Edition, is the prime concept we will use to remember Luca and the things he loved, while at the same time trying to benefit as many CAVING and CANYONING fans around the world as possible with a fair distribution criteria.

👍🏻 our concept.

Luca Memorial Photo Contest is an idea and initiative of Luca’s close friend Marco Leonini with the support of Luca Chiarabini Memorial, aiming to promote and stimulate that same active spirit, adventurous life, and photographic sharing that were Luca’s passions during his life.  



There are many talented people participating in Caving and Canyoning who take spontaneously spectacular snapshots, such talented [PHOTOGRAPHERS] they all deserve to be discovered and awarded.🏆

MEETING ORGANIZATIONS There are many Caving and Canyoning [MEETINGS] worldwide, they all deserve to be known, to be recognized the effort of the organizers, and to be sponsored.🏆


All these caves and canyons would not be known to sport fans without the personal effort of some skilled individuals. The people who selflessly scouted  them for the first time and released their beta/topos, for the enjoyment of others during future meetings or group outings.

These inspiring people are the [EXPLORERS] who we also want to reward for their work of diffusion and publication of new landscapes. 🏆

ONLINE VOTERS There are much public on internet that genuinely appreciate the beauties of Caving and Canyoning, such potential photo [VOTERS] they all deserve to be found and granted a reward for their interest.🏆