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max  10 submits per round
(if you submit more, you can select at round end)
 ONLY PHOTOS TAKEN in 2024 opt to win the prizes! 

You can submit your photos by any of these methods:

A) EASY! submit photos directly FROM WITHIN INSTAGRAM 
           ( read “⏩DIRECT” instruction on the menu  or click here for full information)0

B) Use the buttons on the menu for each category:  🕳️ CAVING’  or  ⛰️ CANYONING’ and UPLOAD📁 photos as files, OR you can submit any of your 20 most recent photos on Facebook  / Instagram / Twitter (‘SOCIALS’) re

B.1) To submit photos on your SOCIALS that ARE NOT among your 20 most recent, you will have to add to the text our hashtag #2024LucaMemorial, and use the ‘with #️⃣hashtag’ buttons on the menu.k here

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