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Read ANNUAL FINALE Jury Instructions and Tutorial 🇬🇧 here
Leer Instrucciones y Tutorial Jueces FINAL ANUAL🇪🇸 aquí
Leggere Instruzioni e Tutorial Giuria FINALE ANNUALE🇮🇹 quí

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🇬🇧REMEMBER: You can delete your vote with the yellow arrow 
🇪🇸 RECUERDA: Puedes borrar tu voto con la flecha amarilla
🇮🇹 RICORDA: puoi cancellare il tuo voto con la freccia gialla
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🇬🇧 English


 👉🏾You may recognize or know the author and locations of some photos , please judge as objectively as possible , strictly focusing on the scene and not the authors or locations. 


👉🏾Es posible que reconozcas o conozcas al autor y las ubicaciones de algunas fotos, juzgue de la manera más objetiva posible, centrándose estrictamente en la escena y no en los autores o las ubicaciones.

  • Use a Computer and log in the judging gallery. Click on the first photo, you will see it full screen. Only if you think is very very good give it a 1⭐.
    Click on the Right Arrow Key “->” on your KEYBOARD, you will see next picture at full screen.
  • Go through all photos and rate 1⭐to all photos that you think are very good.
  • Change the sorting to “Top rated first”. Review the photos you rated with 1⭐and increase the rating for better photos to 2⭐( better photos)or 3⭐(much better photos)
  • To refresh the view: change the sorting to ‘Newest first’ and then again to ‘Top rated first’. Review all your 3⭐ rated photos and give them 4 ⭐(best photos) or 5 ⭐(top best photos)
  • Refresh the view, and check  you have maximum 5 photos with the same score as well as have 12-15 rated photos, minimum 5 caving and minimum 5 canyoning. Upgrade, downgrade or reset ratings to comply these criteria.
  • If you have >15 rated photos, we will ignore your lowest rated till comply with the limit (i.e. ignore all 1⭐ photos).

👉🏻 You can watch the detailed VIDEO TUTORIAL (3′) below if you want to know more about the judges gallery

 ENG https://lucamemorial.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/fben-jury-tutorial-video2.mp4

▫️  ESP https://lucamemorial.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/fbes-jury-tutorial-video2.mp4

▫️  ITA https://lucamemorial.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/fbit-jury-tutorial-video2.mp4   

  •  👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻If your ratings do not comply our rules, we will inform you, and you can choose to:

    1. A)YOU decide the corrections, and indicate us which photos to downgrade or upgrade (or you can make yourself the corrections)
    2. B) WE give priority to photos voted by other Judges and downgrade/upgrade accordingly to what other judges have voted:
      In example: If you have 4📷 x 5, 7📷 x 4, and 4📷 x 3….
      … we will downgrade to 3 the one photo you rated 4 that has been less voted also by other judges. Since we can not downgrade more photos(you will have 5📷 with 3⭐), we will upgrade to 5the one photo you rated 4 that has been most voted also by other judges. So that no more than 5 photos have the same scores.

    In case of lack response in 48h, option B) will be applied, noting down the changes.
    We will inform you in any way about the changes and final table of your votes per email.
    Final ranking and all votes and changes prioritized by us will be available to judges after announcement of Winners.






🇬🇧: A NEW RANDOM viewing is generated when refreshing the browser or changing category. Does NOT alter the order: changing page or scoring photos. 
🇪🇸: Se genera una NUEVA visualización ALEATORIA (RANDOM) cuando actualiza el navegador o cambia de categoría. NO altera el orden: Cambiar de página o puntuar fotos.
🇵🇹🇧🇷: Uma NOVA visualização ALEATÓRIA (RANDOM) é gerada quando você atualiza o navegador ou altera a categoria. NÃO altera a ordem: mudar de página ou pontuar fotos . 🇮🇹: Una NUOVA visualizzazione CASUALE (RANDOM) é generata all'aggiornare il browser o cambiare categoria. NON altera l'ordine: cambiare pagina o assegnare punteggio alle foto.

🇬🇧Meanwhile, you can test the DEMO  
🇪🇸 Mientras tanto, puedes probar la DEMO
🇮🇹 Nel frattempo, puoi testare la DEMO
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