Korda’s Award

KORDA’S award, ‘best photo 2021’ elected from among finalists of Luca Memorial Photo Contest 2021

KORDA'S Award 'Photo of the year 2021' among finalist photos in the ‘Luca Memorial Contest 2021’.

In collaboration with the Luca Memorial contest, the Korda’s team will choose the photo of the winner ‘Korda’s Award, best photo 2021’, from among the 90 photos of the Luca Memorial contest that are finalists in the annual contest.

📣 PSSSSST…. We at Korda's (https://www.sacidkordas.com)are not experts in photography, even if you are not a professional, if you have nice caving or canyoning photos, go ahead and participate in the photo contest!!!

The prize consists of a pack of 3 ropes:
🔹DANA 10 Canyoning 60m
🔹IRIS 9 Canyoning 60m and
🔹IRIS 9 Caving 120m.
💵 Pack valued at $ 650 USD (575 Eur).

The winner will be announced at end of january 2022.

➡️ The Luca Memorial photo contest is the only international contest focused exclusively on photos of Caves and Canyons. Participation is free and photos can be sent until December 31st, 2021, even directly from posts on Instagram / Facebook / Twitter!
IG/FB: @LucaMemorial.Contest
January 2022

 Monthly, a winner is chosen among all submitted entries to be awarded with a $50 amazon card OR  $100 voucher for caving /canyoning equipment at one of the Friend Stores listed below. Choice is up to the winner. 

ENTER contest submitting your CAVING / CANYONING photos taken in 2021
to enter the RANDOM PICK as well as opt to win the PHOTO CONTEST.


    🏆KORDA’S brand has been invited to elected a photo to be awarded ‘KORDA’S, photo of the year’, from among Finalists in Luca Memorial Contest 2021.

    KORDAS’S  (https://www.sacidkordas.com) is a manufacturer of high-performance ropes for the sports and professional sectors, specialized in semi-static ropes with a high level of standard finishes.
    With an experience of more than 70 years, they apply cutting edge technology to the production of ropes to guarantee maximum safety and quality to the user.
    ℹ️ KORDA’S Award announcement (link in bio)
    The prize consists of a pack of 3 ropes:
    🔹DANA 10 Canyoning 60m. Semi-static Type A (EU)
    🔹IRIS 9 Canyoning 60m. Semi-static Type B (EU)
    🔹IRIS 9 Caving 120m. Semi-static Type B (EU)
    Pack 💵valued at $650USD (575 Eur).
    Korda’s would like to congratulate all the participants for the impressive images they have contributed. It has been a pleasure to have the honor of choosing among all the photographs.
    A very difficult choice, each and every one of the images had something special that stood out and made them unique.
    We now proceed to announce the images that the KORDAS jury has chosen as the three best:
    🥇#1 KORDA’S WINNER, Photo of the Year 2021
    🥇 Bartek Biela (UK)
    The winner image is a vertical caving photography, with a good composition, detailed lighting, framing and very nice color tone that reinforces the atmosphere of this vertical and the geological structure of the place.
    🥈 Number 2!, Honorable Mention!!
    🥈 Giovanni Mattiello (ITALY)
    The mentioned image has photographed a sector of a canyon with calm waters. It transmits silence and calm. Technically well worked, with a composition where the lights and the geological forms of the horizontal strata highlight the beauty of nature.
    🥉Number 3!, Honorable Mention!!
    🥉 Victor de Felipe (SPAIN)
    The mentioned image, has good framing of the place, balanced lighting where the color contrast between the water and the rock is intensified. And highlight the greatness and beauty of the underground world.
    🏅📷Want more photos?
    🏅📷View FINALIST 2021 GALLEY (the 90 Best photos of 2021):
    🏆➡️️ The Luca Memorial photo contest is the only annual international contest focused exclusively on photos of Caves & Canyons.
    2022 Edition is OPEN for photo submission from Instagram / Facebook / Twitter, or file.


      Monthly, a Winner is randomly chosen among al submitted entries according to his random chances score.
      Submitted photo/video must have been taken in 2021 to opt to win the prize, and be valid: not blurred, related to caving / canyoning, etc.

      One chance to win per submitted photo.
      10 chances to win per INVITE friends bonus. (none in this MAY2021 random pick).

      The winner can choose to receive a $50 Amazon card  OR a 100$ voucher to buy caving/canyoning equipment from the friend  FRIENDS STORES below.

      Decision is up to the winner.

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